Hira Demir Çelik

Hira Iron and Steel sector with the experience gained in the path of development and continues with sure steps. Hira Iron and Steel is producing its bright steel products with modern new generation machines. Hira Demir Çelik has become a developing name in the sector with its experience and business responsibility.                         

Products in the automotive sector, especially; white goods, machinery manufacturing, steel structure fasteners, marine sector, defense industry and agricultural machinery are used. With our respect and love for our business, we have succeeded to become Hira Demir Çelik.                         


It has always managed to be one step ahead with its supplier and customer network in the sector that knows what it wants its target audience, is competitive, reliable, attaches importance to business ethics and opens its doors to innovation.                         


Hira Demir Çelik; Specialized Steels, Bright Steels, Transmission Shafts, Automat Steels, Steel Drawing Pipes, Improvement Steels, Carburizing Steels and Stainless Steels with special sizes and special cuts by taking the name of today.                         


Hira Demir Çelik; As a result of the importance it attaches to innovation, it has started to sell semi-finished products into finished products or to sell them on a project basis since 2010 by deepening its network with the leading importer manufacturers and consumers and manufacturers companies.                         


Therefore, the consumer from a single source, saving time, quality, fast, guaranteed, reasonable prices and trouble-free use of products to step forward and has become a preferred Iron and Steel Business.                         


Stock Capacity


Timely Shipment


Stock management


Machine Parkour





Customer Oriented Service

Material solutions suitable for the demands of companies.

Consistent Price Policy

Right price policy with service-oriented approach, not earnings.


Fast and accurate order delivery with state-of-the-art machinery.

Timely Product Shipment

We know the importance of time for you.

Fast Delivery

We save you time with our own vehicles.

Wide Service Network

We serve every province in Turkey with our own vehicle fleet.