It is a stainless steel iron alloy. It should contain minimum 10.5% Cr and maximum 1.2% C elements. The importance of Cr element used in stainless steel; It forms oxide layer on the surface of the material (Cr2O3) and thus provides protection of the material from oxygen.

Cr and passivation rate in stainless steel determine the stainless quality of the steel. The oxide layer formed on the material surface is too thin to be seen by the eyes and it is waterproof.

When choosing a stainless steel type, it is important to make an appropriate choice where it is used. While making the selection, the price should be taken into consideration, however; If the price is in the first place during importance, it is likely to face problems in terms of usage.

If the place where the steel is used and the properties of the material to be purchased are matched correctly, the stainless steel to be taken can be used for many years without any problems.

If the price of the supplied material is preferred because it is cheap, then the amount of it may cost the consumer more. For example, if 316 stainless steel is used in a place where 316 stainless steel is used, it seems that savings are made in the first place, but the wrong material selection may cause bigger problems in the future.


Corrosion resistance of the material

Mechanical strength of the material

Physical properties of the material

Surface properties of the material

Ambient temperature to be used

What kind of corrosive agents to use against